Thursday, June 26, 2008

My e-mail

Recently, a lot of sex crimes exposed and the what attracting me the most is a story from ”Austria”, This person named Fritzl has locked his daughter in a cellar for his sake,raped and let her borned 7 child fathered by himself. Ouch!! >.<

Dungeon sex fiend picture ; Fritzl , Her Daughter ; Elisabeth ; And the cellar where Fritzl kept Elisabeth for 24 years.

And everytime I read newspaper, mostly sexual predator stories will entertain my eyes and mind and makes me think where is their human self-thinking? Devastating their own child’s future? If really can’t resist, why don’t they find those prostitutes out there to gratify their sex passion? Yet incredibly, they are only prisoned for their entire life or only for 10-20 years. Not enough compared for what they had done!! And why not just sentenced them to death? Or chop off their penis? No offense!! =P

Chopped "it" off!!!

Lets forget about it. I want to share my experience about cyber-sex maniac person.

In my msn (windows live messenger) account, I have almost 50% unknown person who adds me without noticing me who they are. Anyway, my msn still okey. I still can deal with these strangers. But what about my ym (yahoo messenger) account?

FYI, I had same ID for msn and ym, too. And it has attract A LOT of sex maniac, just because of my ID’s name and where the hell they got my e-mail? Mostly, the reason/message they gave me is like :-

”Who am I? I’m human la! Not a goat.”

”Hi.. are you naked?”

” Can we talk about sex? ”

”I’m horny~ Can you blowjob me? I got a huge cock”

HHHHEEELLLLOOOOOO!!!!! It’s just an e-mail’s name, nothing wrong with it and doesn’t mean I’m a sex addicted girl or whatsoever. DON’T JUDGE THE PERSON BY ITS E-MAIL. Everytime I approved them and received these kind of messages.. I was like, ”Wowoooowooooo!! not again! ” and I blew up!!!

What I’ll do is just reply them using harsh words, delete/Ignore them on my list. But it never ends, I always received a lot of those bullshit messages, buzzing me and so on. I don’t want to change my e-mail since I’ve been using it almost 6 years. Sayang la! I carry on and I enjoy myself and I continue to live with peace and everyone has fun. That’s it!

Well.. ”They” likes my e-mail so much it’s freaking me out. =D

Sunday, June 8, 2008



What a very tiring whole day, 10 hours and 50 minutes from London Heathrow Airport to Bangkok, Bangkok to KL for 1 hour and 45 minutes, KL to Sandakan for 2 Hours and 45 minutes.

How many hours? Count yourself. I'm lazy! =P Luckily my tour group staying off 1 night at Concorde Inn KLIA just for 1 night.

Okeh! I'll stop my babble. Let's start!

Past 2 weeks I was in tour with my family, travel to some of europe countries which I've never been there for whole in my entire life ! It's exciting and fun additional with bad memories when we're at Paris. I'll tell you guys about this later on.

First day Destination : Italy

First day, we're leaving home around 6 a.m++ , heading off to Sandakan Airport and fly away to LCCT and then move to KLIA. And then, fly to Bangkok once again at night (25 May 2008), transit here and then move on to our first destination. What I can tell you guys, it's unbelievable, woah I'm so lucky to have a chance to visit these European countries!

My brother and sister tumpang glamor in this picture. And that's my luggage! Big enough ?

First Day - Rome, Italy.

The time is approximately around 10 hours ++ from Bangkok Airport to Rome, Italy. Rome airport quite small, compared with our KLIA =) . What really shocked me off is we're directly touring Rome's interesting places. No rest, no check-in to hotel first and the important one is.. NO BATH! HAHA! We're only given around 10-15 minutes to brush our teeth, peeing and bla bla bla (well you know.. what girls have and will do inside toilet). For sure I felt a bit uncomfortable.. yucks.. tak mandi plak but what to do!

Our tour leader introduced to us with the local guide named Paolo. He's Italian and hmm yea quite handsome er er or maybe I'm the one who very sakai/jakun who never seen any Italian man before =D. He explains about colosseum, the history about it and so on. But we're not go inside it. Need to pay and it's 15 euro per head (if I'm not mistaken).

After that,

Today, dinner is free by your own. So me and my family and the others tour members visited to one restaurant nearvy to our hotel. Their service quite poor, food isn't really excellent and here's an example about their drinks.

I'm asking for a hot chocolate. And this is what I get. Chocolate porridge.

2nd Day - Florence, Italy.

We left Rome, which is also known as Roma in Italian language around 8 a.m++ after breakfast and move to our next destination. Florence or Firenze. Firenze is a very beautiful old town and in this city, no couch are allowed to enter the city so our driver drop us at the nearest place to the heart of the town as we don't have to walk so far. The weather is quite hot and we have to walking to see the historical building. Fuh!

Good Morning Italy! On the way to Florence City inside the couch.


The Florence City

Having lunch in Florence city. This is Acqua, or Mineral Water.

After visiting Florence City, then we move on to the next step of our tour. The Tower Of Pisa ! Can't wait to see this one of the 7 Wonders of the World!

It's lean ! Really. @_@

3rd Day - Venice, Italy.

Venice.. or in Italian words, Venizia.. I just can say .. Wow ! This is amazing, very beautiful place.. But only from far sightseeing.. haha. This is a very crowded city, do not leave far away from your team. Else you won't see them anymore if you don't have mobile phone or any connecting gadgets. Oh ya, we had our lunch at one of the restaurant here. Foods? I'll show you the pics and please judge it by yourself.

This is a spaghetti. Weird right? And I heard one of my tour chinese member said "Wah ini hari kita makan cacing hitam!" Haha

Lovely.. ;)

It's hot but we ain't sweating.

Group Picture with teenagers in our group.

4th Day - Lugano, Switzerland

I love Switzerland!! Very relaxing city, surrounding by mountains and lake. Cold place but I feel so happy and.. feels like all stressful problems are gone far far awayyyyyyy.


Fresh market

Nice? :)

5th Day - Luzern, Switzerland.

Today we're going to the top of Tiltis Mountain and playing with snow! Oweee!! Today we're supposed to overnight in this city, but changed to Bern, the capital city of Switzerland. I don't know if this is a good or bad news, as we had to ride inside the couch another2 hours ++ to check-in into our hotel.

Ascending to Mountain Titlis using cable car.

Second station I think, before reaching the top of the mountain.


They said it's good to eat ice cream at the top of mountain.

Wow, got Malay words too!

Descending off to the mainland. So High!

The Lion.

6th Day - Frankfurt, Germany

Today we gonna leave Swiss country after spent 2 days in there, and our first destination the waterfall behind the Switzerland and Germany border, and here we have chance to taste the German sausage. It's big you know, like a men's penis haha! Just kidding xD. Then we ride off to 1 small city behind the lake also in Germany, I forgot what is this place name aiyark!! Here we visited one family shop too see how they create the cuckoo watch before going off to Frankfurt City.

The waterfall.

German Sausage, Red in Color - Pork, White in Color - Beef.

He's now demonstrate to us how cuckoo clock is made.

Unlimited speed highway in Germany. Love this road! XD

Me and My sister's room. 4 beds for 2 persons. LoLz

7th day - Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

First destination in Amsterdam is visiting the home made cheese factory and how the wood shoes made of. And Wow, after dinner we heads off to the "Red Light Street"Prostitute, cannabis, what else you wants here? We had been warned by our tour leader, "do not magic show", means do run when we're here! Haha!. You can see those bitches showing off themselves just in bikini, weed (cannabis) , sex stuffs like dildo and those bongs . Ouch, these kind of stuffs is sell legally just in Amsterdam (I don't know if there is any other country got so). Sadly I can't take photo those girls. :( Well nvm.

Good Bye Frankfurt !

Amsterdam Baby!!!!!!

How the holland wood shoes is made.


Cute cow.

Why that car is there? Show off? LoLz

8th Day - Brussels, Belgium and Paris, France.

Good Bye Amsterdam!! Now it's time to visit Belgium and France.. Here's the awesome part. Breakfast at The Netherlands, Lunch at Belgium and Dinner at France. Have you all eat in three countries at the same day? Oweeeeeeeeee ;)

Hey, is it Myvi car? Or same?

Aiks? Another Myvi car?

Each of those is presenting each district in Belgium if I'm not mistaken.

Can you see the small Belgium flag?

Lovely.. ;)

Those gypsies, we've been told to be aware with these group of ladies. They're pickpockets.

Love this couch!! FUCKER!! HAHA!!

9th Day - Paris, France

Today, we're going to the Eiffel Tower and then SHOPPING ! Yeah ! But today is the most fucking sad day too. Daddy lost his walet to the stupid goddamn pickpockets.. :( Few hours before going to shopping. Sad right?? :( Lost 1.4k++ euro money, credit cards, license and IC. T_T Pity daddy and us, too! Luckily he seperate his pound sterling money and Ringgit Malaysia. So we're not really poor also that time ;)

Paris Stadium

View from the top of Eiffel Tower

So nice..

Me me me!!

Too many people around here.

Eiffel Tower!!

10th day - London, England.

We moving on to London using eurostar high speed train. Visit some places and headed to hotel. London is very cold place.. grrrr!!

Paris train station.

Inside eurostar train, on the way to St. Pancras International in London.

2nd largest church in the world.

London Ferris Wheel.


Handsome? =D

Hmm what's this place yea? I forgot.

11th day - Bangkok, Thailand - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

It's free time and we're going to Oxford Circus to SHOPPING from morning until evening before going off to the airport. Haihs after a sad day in France, me and my family didn't shopping a lot. But here in London, mum buy me a Louis Vuitton bag. At last!! Haha!!

Saw this at the Oxford Circus.

My bag :P

Oh my god ! Saw this burnt car when we're on our way to London Heathrow Airport.

Ok that's it. I'm tired. I want to rest. Anyway I have a very nice journey to Europe instead of bad memories in Paris. Huh ! Well looking forward to visit another countries soon. :)