Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ouch ! What is this?

Warning : Reader discretion is advised.

Few weeks ago, me and my friends went to the 1st beach of Tanjung Aru. I still can recall precisely what happened that night. Firstly, I was a bit late among the others because I went to the restaurant nearby to buy some foods.

When I reached there, they are all drinking. Half of my friends were tipsy, the girls laughing, the boys just sat down and drinking. It is a quite happening night at the beach. So I decided to capture some pictures, as a memorable day of having fun.

Few first pictures is just normal, But then, when I captured my friends picture while they were posed. It's Adriana and Daus. I couldn't remember well how they were posed that time, but as I knew Daus was hugging himself and Adriana's pose I couldn't recall.

There is something wrong with the picture. There is something at Adriana's shoulder, white in color. I was stunned and I asked Daus if he was holding something that time, but he says he's not. I show the picture to him and Isa, they felt uncomfortable with it and asked me to delete it, scared if the others will panic. I felt uneasy but I don't really entertain my feelings, so I just continue capturing more pictures.

And this is one of the picture,

Ardy & Adriana

I just see 3 white dots in this picture if I view from my cell phone. But then, the next day, I decided to view those pictures through my laptop. I zoomed this picture, and this is what I saw.

Top of Ardy and Adriana's head

I don't know what is this, but I think it is just like a human body. Look carefully. I don't think it is a smoke from the cigarette, as you can see from the first picture, the smoke is behind Ardy's face.

Anyway, that night, everything turns scary and everybody was scared after the pictures incident occurred. So we left the place, went to Kampung Tg. Aru and find a shaman (bomoh) . After that, everything is okay. I just hope I won't faced this kind of situation once again.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nadz Birthday Party !

Happy birthday to our dearest friend named Nadz ;) on 10 April 2008 !
She turns 21 now ! Yippie !
Nyum2 :)

Some guests.

The 1st birthday cake, she has two cake anyway. Woohoo!

The Birthday cake

Nadz, Mages & 8

Moris & Me
The birthday cake ;)
Yummy ~
Panglima & Dol. WAHAHA

Pearl & Chachai.
The birthday Girl with Mages.

Outside Lintas Pizza Hut

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kibambangan Resort and Tanjung Lipat :)

Another stressful week has come and gone! Last saturday (5 April 2008) my friends and I took a short breather by goin to Kibambangan Resort too supposedly unwind due to assignments, presentations and exams which are drawing closer. Yeah !

Oh ya, anyway.. these pictures I was there. Enjoy ;)
Moris and our driver, Pearl ;)
Me & Cai inside the car.

Daus, Cai, Nadz, Rojani & Isa.

Old Skool anyway ~ Haha


Ouch, I'm scared. Scared the bridge is going to falling down. Haha

Just reach.

Me & 8 ..
Sleepy ~
Nadz.. Sleeping Beauty ~

Kids.. ;)

Me, Moris and Isa.
Daus In Action. He's from the Ford Model Agency. Haha Just Kidding ;)

Moris, Pearl and Cai inside the Rock Pool.
Another Rock Pool Shot. Taken by me. Is it nice?
Rock Pool ;)

Anyway that's it ! I have to go. So busy .. Busy and busy :( Sorry because I don't have any pictures when we're leaving. It's raining and quite hard to snap any picture. Thanks for reading :)