Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Pulau Manukan and Piercing ;)

Heyya and Hello ! Here I am once again. I was busy with my assignments and college stuffs, so I didn't post any latest thingy about myself. So anyway, I'll post 2 blog for today since I haven't update my blog for some quite long time.

Last week, I was having a vacation with my college friends to "Pulau Manukan" (Also known as Taman Tunku Abdul Rahman). Our 1st trip consist of 19 people. This island located near to Kota Kinabalu city, and only takes few minutes to reach here by speed boat. We're depart from the Kg. Tanjung Aru Baru jetty and has reached Pulau Manukan only for 10 - 15 minutes. This island is ideal for those who wants to snorkeling and diving since this island had a beautiful coral and fishes compared with the other island nearby.
Leaving the house.

At curry house, before the ride to jetty.

Outside Curry House.

Our rides before going to the jetty. The yellow building is UNITAR building ;)

The 1st group to Pulau Manukan.

2nd group : Taking picture before leaving the jetty.

The second group.

Row row row your boat ~

All of us except Affa. He's the one who took this pic.

Welcome to Pulau Manukan.

Chachai and me. So called Model. HAHA

The Kota Kinabalu City view from the island.

Inside the Mini Museum. It's actually the whale's bone.

Lonely Rojani. Where is Nadz?

Aming : Buried Alive !

See what the man at my back does? HAHA

Ouch !!

These are the sex addicted peoples. HAHA


Rojani And Nadz.

Paslan and his Gf.

Adie. Guitar Man

Smileee :D

Me and Affa.
Before leaving the island.

Me, the so called candid picture. Taken by Chachai.
Pearl And Chachai

Me and Chachai.

Another view of Kota Kinabalu city from Pulau Manukan.

The tourists. Paraji was holding my bag.

My Hat, saving my skin ! Haha.

Moris and Mel

The tourists. (Taken before leaving the island) Bye Bye Manukan :)

Another Post.

Few weeks ago, one of my friend decided to pierce her tounge. So I was snapping some pictures during that time. Anyway, I do have the videos during the piercing time.
My friends, before entering the piercing room.

Bob. The piercer.

Bob and my friend, after finished piercing her tounge.

Culture Shock's Shop.

The Shop.