Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stories behind "pisang goreng" ..

Yummy Treats : Pisang Goreng

Does anyone enjoys "pisang goreng" ?. Basically, pisang goreng** is banana + flour and with some ingredients. Fry and serve it hot. It's one of Malaysian and Indonesian most favorite snack.

By the way, this information I get from one of my best buddies. Well think twice if you want to eat pisang goreng from any seller after you read this. In order to maintain the crispiness of the pisang goreng, the sellers will put a PLASTIC (such as straws, mineral water bottle, styrofoam and etc ) into the frying oil and let it melt. Then, they will fry the pisang goreng into the oil with the melt plastic. Ouch ! No wonder even the pisang goreng had been left for a few hours, it still crispy.. Do some of you noticed about that? Scary @_@

Additional info : I just read from the another blog. (Search through google) Even the fry onions nowadays (Usually serves with soups and noodles), the seller use the same method to the fry onion, just to maintain the crispiness and can be keep for a long time.


Pisang Goreng - Banana Fritters

Monday, February 25, 2008

The '8's Tag by gecko

Me to You :) Who wants me to tag you up?


Yo ! Back from my previous post, obviously I was struggling with my own emotions, I've been pissed off. Yeah !

By the way, Thanks gecko si cicak for the tagging. :D

8 things I’m passionate about:
1. Games ! (Ragnarok, Dota and bla bla bla)
2. Teddy Bear ( I'm crazy about this, if you noticed, I put lots of teddy's pics in my blog. )
3. Internet ( I can spend 3/4 of my day just to surfin' the internet. I am insane ;D )
4. Japanese Foods (Can't stop with the SUSHI! )
5. Indian Foods ( Love the lamb curry and briyani rice.)
6. Dancing
7. Reading
8. Magazines ! ( It can be anything ! )

8 things I say often:

1. Annah !
2. Sialan ! ( Bad word ! haha )
3. Astaga! (It's not "astagfirullahalazim" , hard to explain. Try to check it out by yourself. Haha Lazy Ann! )
4. Weina Jo !
5. Bah ! ( If someone has told you about something, you can also said "Bah". It means "O.K" in Sabahan words. But don't get it wrong when someone has told you "Apa bah?" , it's doesn't mean "Apa O.K?" Get it? hehe)
6. Ui..!
7. Hai !
8. Bye !

8 books I’ve read recently:

1. Utopia
2. Hype
3. Mastika
4. Doraemon (Hee.. :D )
5. Seventeen
6. Cleo
7. News paper ( Is this can be count in?)
8. Cosway Redemption Book ( It's book also, right? HAHA)

8 things to do before I die:
1. Finising my degree and move on to Master.
2. Married with someone I love.
3. A driving license. :(
4. Have my own house and car.
5. Make daddy and mummy proud of me.
6. Traveling to learning other countries culture. It's fun !
7. Learn other languages like Japanese and Chinese and so on.. bla bla bla ~
8. Of course, I want have my own child. :)

8 songs I could listen to over and over again:
1. Lily Allen - Everything's Just Wonderful
2. Wyclef Jean Feat. Akon & Nia - Sweetest Girl
3. T-Pain - Buy You A Drank
4. Babyface - Grown And Sexy
5. Ying Yang Twins - Dangerous
6. Tamia - Officially Missing You
7. Keith Sweat - Twisted
8. Ashanti - Can't Stop

8 things I learn in the last year:
1. Being single is marvelous. ( I admit sometimes I felt lonely ;) But what to do)
2. Study smart, still can enjoy but don't get FAILED !
3. I should proud of myself. (I am Ann, nobody can be 100% exactly the same like what I am today. Be proud of yourself and just be who you are. =) !)
4. Ignore what people had talked about me. I should not care about it anyway.
5. Don't be a "last minute" person.
6. Don't SIMPLY put my belongings if I'm going to play game in CC. Robbers hands are quick !
7. I had learnt about what is L.O.V.E .
8. I am cute. Hehe

8 People I want to tag.

1. Renn
2. Sara
3. Rezza
4. Mellona
5. Admar
6. Hidayah
7. ...
8. ...

Anyway, I haven't choose who's I'm going to tag em' up. I'll do it later ;)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bad Hair :(

This month, I changed my hair style for 3 times. ( 1st time - Cut , 2nd time- Straighten my hair , 3rd - Touch up a bit and then becomes AMPAL**.) Basically, it is for my new day and new life. (kononlah!) But what the stupid hairstylist does? He cut it off straight from right to the left of my head and almost like Ampal. Holy Shit man, how am I going to faced the public for 6 months from now? It is so ugly and I really don't like it at all. The hairstylist has ruined everything ! :( He ruined my new life and new hair :(

I hate you man ! Once again, I hate you.

This is Ampal's Hair.

Ampal : Wearing the white shirt.

And this is ME.

Ann : So-Called Ampal.


Ampal - Famous comedy actor from Sabah, Malaysia.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine's Day Is Coming !

A life of hurt with one of hope that I don't understand..

On Missing Someone :
It feels good to have him around. He is chubby, smart and loving, and we always have a great time together – sharing movies, playing games together, talking, laughing, etc. He has been a nice addition to my life, and he makes me happy. But that was the last time.

Now it is Valentine's once again.

It’s a feeling of emptiness, I would assume – of losing the comfort of having someone you love, someone with whom to share your life, near you :(

Anyway Happy Valentine's Day to everybody :)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Joel's Birthday Party :D

30.01.2008 ! It's Joel's birthday ! We celebrated his birthday at his house (in front of my house) . Anyway, we'd made fun of his friends while they're drunk haha ! Here's the pixies during the most funniest time. :D

UPDATED : I've added some videos while we're "make-up" their faces.

Ella and Noel (Joel's Gf and Lil' Bro)

The Evil Ann & Moriz

Before : These are the drunk boys without any make-up on their face.

After : Look at his mouth, special for everyone in this valentine month ! =)

Leonard : The victim. Haha

Joel : The birthday boy !

"Aku di rogol.. Peace ! Say my name !"

Leonard : I'm drunk.. I'm drunk..

Jais : Aww man.. I'm stoned !

We are gay.. Aren't we? =D And we loves the bottle and the cotton buds.

These are the videos that we'd taken.

Joel's Birthday Party ! Drunk ! Part 1

Joel's Birthday Party ! Drunk ! Part 2