Saturday, December 22, 2007

Finals are over ! Merry Christmas And Happy New Year !

Yippie Merry Christmas !!

At last! ! Finals are over!, and I didn't update my blog for several weeks. Farking busy with life and studies recently. Well it's quite hard for me because I need to focus about lots of mathematics formula, ITs theory and assignment. Oh ya, I wanna share with you all about myself a bit, this is actually copied from my best friend blog.

1. Pencil Case - Converse.
2. HandPhone- S.E. K810i.
3. Watch - DKNY.
4. Handbag- XOXO, Nike, Carlo Rino, Guess.
5. Purse/Wallet- Guess.
6. Pens - Haha Cheap 1 only. Forgot the brand.
7. Computer - Sony VAIO.
8. Shoes - Adidas, Vincci.
9. Shirts - Levis, Roxy.
10. Pants - Levis.
11. Cosmetics - Maybelline, Elianto, SilkyGirl.
12. Facial - Johnson Baby HAHA.

Btw, I felt frustrated with Lahad Datu's Driving License Management. Farking slow and they don't simply get what is wrong with their customers problem.

And here it is.

IC No:************
JPJ Senaraihitam Status :NO

Status KPP
Tarikh Kehadiran:18/12/2005
Masa Kehadiran:08:42:26
No Sijil:100619
Status Tempahan
Pusat E-Khidmat:Komms or MySpeed

Tarikh Ujian:18/11/2006
Masa Ujian:11:00:00-12:00:00
Tarikh Tempahan:18/11/2006
Masa Tempahan:09:09:34
ID Tempahan:3389523

Take A Look at the bold sentence. They didn't update since 2005 grrr!!! . I've been waiting them to update this around 2 weeks.

Seems like they don't want to entertain this kind of problem. What they will say? "We'll call you back" and they mentioned this to me for 3 times when I called them but then, till now I still don't get any response from them. Even a call.

Conclusion :- They're sucks.

I'm going to KL for my holidays! Hope to meet my old friends and shopping shopping shopping :D

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ALL!