Saturday, December 22, 2007

Finals are over ! Merry Christmas And Happy New Year !

Yippie Merry Christmas !!

At last! ! Finals are over!, and I didn't update my blog for several weeks. Farking busy with life and studies recently. Well it's quite hard for me because I need to focus about lots of mathematics formula, ITs theory and assignment. Oh ya, I wanna share with you all about myself a bit, this is actually copied from my best friend blog.

1. Pencil Case - Converse.
2. HandPhone- S.E. K810i.
3. Watch - DKNY.
4. Handbag- XOXO, Nike, Carlo Rino, Guess.
5. Purse/Wallet- Guess.
6. Pens - Haha Cheap 1 only. Forgot the brand.
7. Computer - Sony VAIO.
8. Shoes - Adidas, Vincci.
9. Shirts - Levis, Roxy.
10. Pants - Levis.
11. Cosmetics - Maybelline, Elianto, SilkyGirl.
12. Facial - Johnson Baby HAHA.

Btw, I felt frustrated with Lahad Datu's Driving License Management. Farking slow and they don't simply get what is wrong with their customers problem.

And here it is.

IC No:************
JPJ Senaraihitam Status :NO

Status KPP
Tarikh Kehadiran:18/12/2005
Masa Kehadiran:08:42:26
No Sijil:100619
Status Tempahan
Pusat E-Khidmat:Komms or MySpeed

Tarikh Ujian:18/11/2006
Masa Ujian:11:00:00-12:00:00
Tarikh Tempahan:18/11/2006
Masa Tempahan:09:09:34
ID Tempahan:3389523

Take A Look at the bold sentence. They didn't update since 2005 grrr!!! . I've been waiting them to update this around 2 weeks.

Seems like they don't want to entertain this kind of problem. What they will say? "We'll call you back" and they mentioned this to me for 3 times when I called them but then, till now I still don't get any response from them. Even a call.

Conclusion :- They're sucks.

I'm going to KL for my holidays! Hope to meet my old friends and shopping shopping shopping :D

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ALL!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka month?

Lots of nice and bad things happened this month. UWAGH !!

Stupid thingy in August :-

- I cry over him again. What a waste ..

- 27 Of August is the most SUX day. I fell down on stairs near my room. LEBAM AND PAIN owns me nicely. After that i am rush to go to the Airport. But sad .. My flight was cancelled. And in the evening i'm fly to Kota Kinabalu around 4.30 p.m after my flight was delayed delayed delayed and cancelled. $%*%^&%^&$#$%^*&^(

- My phone was stolen when i was playing CS with my friends at Cyber Cafe. Damn it ! I'm using my old number since 2004 ! =(. After that incident, I was SCARED and PHOBIA to pilak. (anyone knows what is pilak stands for? anyone? WAHAHA.)

- No MERDEKA EVE event. Haihs.

Nice thingy? :-

- Thank GOD i found "him" . Now i am still healing myself frm "my by".

- After the jatuh and cancelled flight incident happened. At the night , "he" fetch me frm my house. And going to 2nd beach Tanjung Aru. That is our 1st date u know :P Btw i'm happy that time =) Thanks dear.

- I got new phone instead. It's Sony Ericsson K810i okey? WAHAHA. But i want my old number a.s.a.p =(

Okey done! . That is the stupid and nice one. Here's the latest update.

Since Lahad Datu didn't organize any event during merdeka event , My friends and I lepak2 inside my house.. (of course pok pek pok pek and talkin' bout the old times :D) waiting for merdeka countdown. Before that , we went to S.M.K Agaseh. Our ex-high school. =D Here is some pixies .

Hero Of the day ! Roshan and Sanjay. My best buddy.

Nisha (Sanjay's gf) and me. Candid pic.. taken by rohit?


After Skodeng ~

"Saya tahu itu.. " Actin' like Cikgu Ho. Wakaka

Rohit with "I'm Shy" action.

Conclusion. Bored merdeka. Luckily i got my friends with me. Haha thanks! Thanks Sanjay, Nisha, Roshan, Rohit and Balan :P Happy merdeka all !!

Friday, August 17, 2007

The August Update, A Journey to China ! ;)

China China China!
The memories in china is still in me.. Only the food is a bit fucked up.. The rest all ok.. Boleh² la !! Yihaaa !! xD

+ The Beijing and ChengDe City +

..::: Inside the Forbidden City ;) :::..

..::: Temple Of Heaven , well i like the name XD :::..

..::: Beijing 2008 Olympic Stadium, Still Under Contruction :::..

..::: The Great Wall of China XD :::..

..::: Another Pix of The Great Wall :::..

..::: On the way to ChengDe City, 4 Hours Inside The Bus LOLZ :::..

..::: Kampung² View at China :::..

..::: Just Reach ChengDe City, nyum nyum !! :::..

..::: Bwekk !!! Morning face of me !! Haha :::..

..::: The Imperial Mountain Resort For Escaping The Heat (The King's Resort Haha) :::..

..::: Tired !! :::..

..::: Duh, i was looking at what huh? :::..

..::: Tibet Girls !! Haha :::..

..::: Forgot what is this actually @.@ :::..

..::: Panda inside the Beijing Panda Zoo !! :::..

..::: In the sutera factory the demonstrate how sutera is made :::..


+ The Shanghai and Hangzhou City +

..::: Me and our tourist group from Malaysia :::..

..::: Aww !!! :::..

..::: Nice Tower view from Huang Pu River :::..

..::: Another nice view.. Awesome @.@ :::..

..::: Nice view from the Huang Pu River At Night ::...

..::: Hangzhou City show before we're going back to Malaysia :::..

**Actually i have lots of picture, but i am so tired to upload all of those pics.. So i just post few only. XD