Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Current obsession

* Me in Hollowback pose. Photo taken a few days ago 

Currently busy with my training to cut weight also yoga and Zumba classes.

But, I'm focusing more on trainings and clean eating like craaaaazy.

No salt and sugar except on cheat days *sobs*

Let's see after 3 more months �� for the time being I need to lose more weight, gonna have a photoshoot by next month.

I must look good in my photo. Yums

Anyways, for Yoga corporate or private class inquiries.. Do email me at : 

Just a short update, till then! Good night

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Post-vacation : Cebu, The Philippines !

Now that we have a direct AirAsia flight from Kota Kinabalu to Cebu.. I am so haaaaappy!

My last trip to Cebu last October 14', we need to transit in Manila for 6 hours and then fly back to KK.

Double work, double the tiredness, and I lose a box packed with a lot of souvenirs for my family and friends because of the carelessness of Cebu Pacific Air staff in Mactac-Cebu airport.

Pissed! They forgot to tag my box and it was nowhere to be found!

Anyways, this was my second trip back to Cebu last March. Since I have quite a few local friends at there so my friends and I were considered very lucky. We get the locals rate for most of the places we visited as we don't have to do the talkings! Got the chance to eat local delicacies, rode jeepneys and many more! It was a mad cheap trip indeed :D

And I'm going there again next month because we didn't get the chance for the SKY WALK! Mad happy!

Places that we've visited:

1. Cebu City
2. Oslob (whale watching)
3. Kawasan Falls, Badian
4. Zipline at Liloan
5. Tops Lookout
6. Temple of Leah, Busay

Now, time for peek-cahs! <3 p="">
P/s : No descriptions on each pictures, current mode. Lazy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

* 'Gila' Makeup

**Gila - Crazy / Freak (basically it means Makeup freak)

Last few days was my pay day so.....  Actually I felt quite bad after purchasing new compact powder and foundation but in view of the good reviews I read and heard from my friend about these two new babies of mine.. I've tried them, and my face doesn't feel cakey! Loves!

New babies!

I'm not a fussy makeup 'hoarder', actually drugstore makeups are still good to me. But surely.. I will google, read the reviews, allergic issue (I have sensitive skin) or at least I will consult my friends who are so into makeup like me as well, because it happened before.. I bought my first Dior product which was the eye liner (I forgot which one was it) and I had a terrible eye allergic which makes my eyes swollen, immensely itchy and I have a 1 fine 'allergic' cat eye line on my eyelids which were so obvious.

2013 terrible eye allergic. So freakin' itchy

Ever since I had that allergy attack, I never buy any Dior products anymore.

Not that I am not banning or despising Dior products now, it's still a high-end brand but what I want to 'emphasize' here is not all drugstore makeup brands are bad and not all high-end makeup brands are good. It doesn't mean the more expensive the makeup, the better it is. It depends on your skin condition too and this is why I felt that reviews are the most important thing before I purchase any products through online.

Plus, unfortunately I have eczema which means; I need to be extra careful when purchasing products for my skin. Regardless of makeup, it also includes my body wash / body lotion because I can easily develop skin rash and extreme itchiness. Thank God; so far everything is under control after I went to see dermatologist.

So far, I think Mac / Benefit / Chanel products work very well on my skin. 

Anyway, I still have a few pre-ordered makeup items; It takes around 30 working days to arrive here in Malaysia or approximately around 1 or 2 months.

1) Kat Von D Foundation Lock It Tattoo Foundation

2) Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation

3) Daniel Sandler Water Color Blush

4) Nyx Wonder Stick (for contouring)

5) Maybelline Instant Age Rewind ( concealer)

 I reckon they are still on their way back to their new 'home' (my makeup wardrobe) For sure I'll blog about it soon.

Speaking about makeup.. I think I bought more than what I need :( but whenever I feel bad when adding my collection..

"Well at least you will look pretty!"

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shit Happens

Shit happens!

As much as I wanted to lift weights.. Sometimes you just have to respect your body's limit and capabilities.

Don't do too much :/

Actually it all started last week when I felt sore on my right upper forearm , not on my joints. I thought it was all fine, like some sort of the soreness you will feel a day after you have a wonderful yoga.

When the energy conquers you, you tend to forget that you have minor injury.. Eventually my wrist gets worse! Up to one point. I need to buy a wrist support.

I can say I am a queen of pain threshold, I don't usually get injuries while doing yoga, lift weight, or anything in fitness.

But when I do, it deteriorate my whole practice and workout! :(

So what do I do when I have injuries, I rest on that part for awhile and focus on doing something else. Which I did. 6km run after my class yesterday and some light stretch after that on my hamstring because cardio and weight lifting shortens your muscle. We definitely need stretch after that!


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Verification for Nuffnang

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Monday, March 9, 2015


It's 2015. And it's March..

Yeap. March

How time flies so fast, unbelievable!

So this is my first post of the year. Actually I am still 'visiting' my blog once in a while. Just to check comments in case there are questions about braces posted here.

... deafening silence

I didn't know how to change the comments' e-mail's notification. I just discovered it yesterday. 


I still received quite a number of e-mails regarding my braces, or braces services in KK as I mentioned before, I don't really check the comments here.. So you guys still can e-mail me, I will try to help and answer as much as I can! :)

Here :

Recently, I've been thinking about to change my domain name here. Or keep it this way since 8 years ago. What do you think? As much as I wanted to look fresh and matured.. I still think this name as.. kinda my so-called signature *blush* but changing into something new.. I always look at it as an improvement.. To ameliorate things, names.. anything.

But for now, let's keep it as dearlyann. Maybe soon, I am still thinking. Sayang bah!

Talking about my life now, so far so good.

I have 3 upcoming confirmed trips this year. I can say 2015 is my travelling year.. Yeah not so many as in 3 but I can only afford that for now. Who knows I suddenly hit the jackpot, weekend in Ibiza or Milan would definitely in my bucket list.

Trippin' like "Hey let's have a weekend in Paris. I need a new handbag!"

*in my dreams..*

I'm trying to explore something new in life, as much as making more friends and connections.. Visiting Yoga Studios at places where I am going to visit. Experience!

Share the positive energy among new friends, I love it.

So here's a random photo of myself;

Sunset Bar, Shangri-La Tanjung Aru

Photo taken by this.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver. Trust me, worth your money.

And I am still practising yoga. Teehee!

Headstand crazy attempt.

Anyway.. 2014 wasn't my good year, I know. If you read my previous posts.. It actually gave a big impact on how I see life so far.

I learnt that.. Even if things don't end up at the way you want it to be.. It will always teach you lessons in life.

Lessons how you should react, observe, learn.. So many things. 

Um.. let me rephrase it..

If you couldn't understand my previous posts.. my I was in a deep black hole for a few months.. 

My boyfriend for 3 years passed away last year. It's almost a year now.

It really.. really really taught me how I should appreciate, learn to let go, be grateful for petty things in life. It wasn't easy for me to be here at the place where I am 'standing' right now.


And I am still amazed how I managed to stand.. up to this point. It's like an achievement for myself, after life knocked me down real bad. I'm still here..

... and it wasn't an easy journey for me.

My family and his family sacrifice a lot for my happiness after he 'left' for eternity. My friends who stood there next to me when I felt hopeless. Sleepless night.. There was a time I felt like I am a zombie. Numb. Emotionless. I can sit on the couch for hours, physically immobilized.. catatonic but my mind wandered somewhere. I couldn't express what I have in my mind that time, what I felt.

It was crazy...

It all started to subside when I went to see my long-term doctor and he realized that something was not right about me. He urged me to get help from one of his friends.

That moment I knew.. that I need help.

*long story*

Eventually, I slowly gained my strength.. Learn how to let go, learn how to cope and accept things I couldn't change, appreciate what I have.. And to live in the present moment :)

So yeah.. that's how it goes.. roughly.

Someday, maybe I will write about my journey coping with grief and loss.. Who knows if some of you could relate.. At least you know, you're not alone. So far I can say I am fine, never better. Deep inside my heart, I do miss him.. But one thing for sure.. I know that God takes him away from here because He loves him and He wanted to end his pain.


I guess it's time for me to hit the sack now. I will try to write more this year. Oh, say hi to the new layout!

Good night! 

P/s : Please, don't hesitate to mail me if you have any questions regarding braces. Will upload a comparison photo of  my initial stage until my current progress now!

Saturday, December 6, 2014


I think I am lost.

Lost somewhere. I need motivation. I need some excitedness, flavor in my life.

I am fine. Yes still here, still exist, still healing, still breathing.

But I've lost something. 

How can I recharged my depleted motivation?

I need something, something to push myself. I couldn't find it.

Don't follow me, I am lost; too. 

xx aR